Water bowls

Electric heated water bowls


Artnr: 2200-500

Drilled trough to able connecting water from above and below. Well suited for circulating water systems. 2200-200 is developed for high water flows in cooperation with the Swedish University for Agricultural. Smart design that imporves the prohibits spillage and easy to clean.

Material: Cast Iron/Enamel
Connection: Female 1/2"
Flow rate: 0-24 l/min
Volym: 3L


Artnr: 2410-500
Stainless steel Water Bowl, complete with valve and mounting bracket.

Material: Stainless steel
Connection: Female 1/2"
Flow rate: 24 l/min
Volym: 5L


Artnr: 2510-500

Stainless Steel Self-filling Water Bowl, complete with floater.

Material: Stainless steel
Connection: Male 1/2"
Flow rate: 5 l/min
Volym: 3,5L


Artnr. 2440-500

Water bowl stainless steel, complete with valve and bracket.

The bowl is designed with a flat bottom and an effective spill protection which limits the risk of spilling. The design also facilitates cleaning of the cup.

The bowl has a 4-way connection to facilitate both a closed circulation system as well as a frost free circulation system.

The 4-way connection also allows the incoming water to be taken
from 3 directions.

Material: Stainless steel
Connection: 3/4"
Flow rate: 0-24 l/min No limitations
Volym: 5L

We recommend

We recommend that a heating cable is drawn down to the bowls bracket, and also 10 cm below. This is to really insure that both body and valve have warm water.

We always recommend professionals to install all electricity in order to secure safety and function.

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