About Jalmarson

Jalmarson-Thias AB is an engineering company with five employees located in the town of Eskilstuna, 100 km west of Stockholm. Our facilities are located in the left part in the building displayed.
The business started in the beginning of the fifties, originating from a patent on the well-known bite nipple.

Harry Bergman purchased the stocks of Jalmarson in 1986 and we have kept on specializing in watering equipment. We constantly see the need to be customer adapted, that´s why we started developing a complete Stainless Steel line of products and several other interesting new products.
The main part, currently about 90%, of our production is exported. Our biggest markets are Denmark, USA, Finland, Poland and Ireland.

Business Model

Our goal is to be the obvious choice when it comes to water supply for animals, mainly for pigs and cows, but also for horses and sheep. Our ambition is to be able to deliver standard products as well as special solutions adapted to each customers’ specific needs and to be able to deliver a complete range of products within our area.

We are therefore putting alot of efforts into making our company more afficient and flexible so we can be able to provide short and longer series combined with low production costs. Jalmarsons strength is, except is wide product range, that we are 100 % customer adapted. Our own CNClathes gives us possibilities to adapt measures, water flows or simple the use of different materials.

We are genereally not working with limitations in orders, such as minimum i box or 200 pcs.
The only limitation is the weight of the EUR-pallet. Jalmarson goal is to have happy and satisfied customers.
Experience since 1986 together with high compitance within production and modern machinery makes Jalmarson in the cutting edge as supplier.

Mathias Bergman, VD


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